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Mixed Colors Intro – Tips For Choosing and Wearing Intimate Dances Clothing in Mixed Colors

Mixed colors are fun and can really jazz up an intro. You can add some drama to your first dance by choosing two or three main colors and then alternating them. For example, if you are wearing a blue dress and then decide on a pink shoe for your second dance, you will be very glamorous. This is a great way to start out when you are learning how to dance. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Mixed colors intro

Choose contrasting colors wisely: Usually you only choose one or two contrasting colors for your dance wear. This is a great way to start your learning dance routines because you will not have to choose a new color all together. Most dancers tend to stick with the same colors they have used before and do not explore new looks. Choose a few colors that will compliment each other in the beginning and look at mixing them together later on.

Pick solid colors: For your dance wear, pick solid colors that you find visually appealing. Black and white are great colors to start out with. If you have no idea what solid colors are, there are so many different shades of these colors. From deep purple to a gorgeous lilac, there are thousands of shades of purple that will look beautiful on you during dancing classes.

Alternate your colors: When you are dancing, it is important to alternate between two colors. The best way to do this is to use light colors for your base then switch to the darker shade of the color for your shoes. Do this with both your upper and lower body parts. A great tip for beginners is to choose one color and for the next dance go back to using that color. This can help you get used to dancing between two different colors and will allow you to become a more versatile dancer.

Go with lighter shades: When choosing your colors, it is a good idea to stay away from using dark colors such as black. Especially if you are a beginner, it is best to go with a light shade of color for your dancing attire. Although there are some really beautiful black and white designs, most people get bored quickly with them. The same is true for bold patterns and strong colors. Stay away from these patterns and colors and you will find that you make many more changes with your outfit when you are dancing.

Mixed Colors Intro – Tips For Choosing and Wearing Intimate Dances Clothing in Mixed Colors

Work with the colors: You will need to find some activities in which you can work with your chosen colors. For example, if you are a blues lover then going to a blues club or bar could be a good idea. Another option is to mix your clothing items with.

your chosen colors. If you are going to a class then your outfit should be fairly neutral. It would be a good idea to take several pictures of yourself while dancing to be able to compare what you look like with your friends later.

Buy a few outfits: Once you have made your decision about what colors to wear, it is time to buy some dancing outfits. You will want to invest in a good pair of leotards, as well as a nice pair of socks.

As you will dance around a lot, you will need to protect your feet from the floor. If you can afford it then it is a good idea to get some dancing shoes as well. These will help you in your practice time and also when you are dancing in public.

Be creative: Mixed colors are not only fun, they are also a great way of showing off your personality. You will be able to show off your favorite colors and even your interests at the same time!

Mixed Colors Intro – Tips For Choosing and Wearing Intimate Dances Clothing in Mixed Colors

As you start working on your outfits, remember that it is important to mix solid colors with your patterned ones to create interest. So, if you have blue eyes then it would be a good idea to wear solid blue leggings and a solid silver top with blue jewelry. This will add some color to your outfit while still creating balance.


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