How to Edit Your WhatsApp Status Video

By | April 5, 2021

How to Edit Your WhatsApp Status Video

WhatsApp status video edditing

Whichever application you use for sharing and viewing a person’s WhatsApp status, it will always return your link in case any or all the above conditions are not met. In this article we’ll look at how to edit a status. There are a few simple steps that apply to all apps and platforms, but as a quick overview, here goes:

First of all, as already explained, you want to share your videos with others who you want to see them. This can take some time depending on how many users are on your network, and what type of media you want to share. If you have several videos then it is advisable to save them in multiple places, such as your own Google drive, or onto one of the many cloud services that are available .

How to Edit Your WhatsApp Status Video

(Dropbox, Google drive, etc). Once you have saved them, you need to add a URL to your sharing page. This is done by clicking the plus sign icon next to the word ‘connect’ on the messaging app, or by clicking on the plus icon on the top right corner of the screen.

When you first click the link you will be prompted to enter a Confirm Email address. Enter a valid email address, and click send! You’ll notice two things happening after you have sent your link – first, the messenger service will show a progress notification on the screen (it will also ask you to enable videos to be shared); and second, the link will appear in your recipient’s inbox.

A little message will appear asking them to confirm their subscription to the service. Click the link in the message, and your status will become live! A very simple step towards instant status video editing!

Now here’s the really simple part. You can either edit in the original format or convert to a YouTube version. This is probably the option, most people will be interested in using. Whichever you choose, the important thing to remember is to select the right tool for the job!

How to Edit Your WhatsApp Status Video

The problem with converting files is that they are just not easy to use – you have to understand the format in order to successfully perform any edit. It may even be easier and quicker just to use the original video.

Let’s say you want to make some changes to the status video, but you only have access to one file. What do you do? Use the ‘link’ option in the message to send the link to your friend or contact.

Once they’ve got your link, it’s just a matter of clicking on the ‘play’ button on the messenger app, and your status video will start playing! It really is that simple!

Now, the big question is how exactly do you edit the video once it’s been played? You can’t use any other application to edit it in this way, as the format is not portable. Only the official Facebook apps have the ability to export your media to a standard file and then convert that back to a H.V.A.P format.

How to Edit Your WhatsApp Status Video

That’s the format Facebook uses to share videos on its social network. H.V.A.P gives you higher quality and better image quality – and is well recommended if you intend to export to a different format.

To edit the video, first go to the main profile page, and click on the button ‘View Profile’ at the bottom left corner. If you’ve opted to keep your chats public, you’ll see a link to the ‘Find People’ tab. Click the link and paste the email address you want to look up. Enter the details, and your contacts will instantly appear.

Whichever system you’re using, the official Facebook messenger app has the ability to export your H.V.A.P clip as a Facebook status video. This is a useful feature,

How to Edit Your WhatsApp Status Video

but you should also be aware that there are several third-party tools that will do the same. I would personally recommend that you take a few minutes to read some instructions on how to edit your status before you begin if you’re not really used to editing media from the internet.


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