Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – His Role in Islam

By | April 7, 2021

Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – His Role in Islam

Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the founder of the Muslim religion and spread it widely after his death. He is one of the last Great Prophets and his life has had a great impact on the religion. There are three holy mosques in Islam and

every one of them has a Holy Prophet who foretold a different story to guide the believers. Some of these are the traditions that are followed up today by Muslims all over the world. The followers of the Holy Message have to adhere to them strictly in order to be saved from the Hell fire.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not live a very long time and his death was very brief. He gave us an example that will inspire us and help us in following his footsteps, and that is by being steadfast and taking one step at a time.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – His Role in Islam

People sometimes think that the Holy Prophet went to heaven but in fact he went to earth and we have to follow his word in order to enter Paradise. So you must believe in the prophet and pray to him to guide you to the path of righteousness.

It is only when you become a prophet that you are accepted into heaven. You will receive the revelation of the inner being of the divine entity and will be conferred with powers above your head and your feet. You will enter the presence of God and will speak to him and God will respond to you. You will carry out God’s will for him and he will fulfill you with what you ask. The coming of the Holy Prophet was for everyone who submitted to him and believed in him.

Today there are many sects of Islam but the followers of the Holy Prophet are like the rays of light that shine in the darkness. They are always ready to help and assist you in whatever action you take. People of all ages, sex and community can be your patrons and helpers. You may have to make many sacrifices but you can be successful. You may have to give up some things but you can live a happy and peaceful life because of it.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – His Role in Islam

There are some who believe that you cannot become a prophet. They say that you should be born with faith and ability but it is not so. Anyone can become a great messiah if he or she has the capability. You can become a leader of the Muslim world, even though you are a Prophet. You can spread the word of God and you can also help and assist other believers.

Today the youth are very impatient. They want to live a very fast and luxurious life. They want to have everything in their hand and to feel a lot of joy. You should try to instill in them the values of the Holy Prophet and you should instill in their minds that there is nothing apart from God.

You should tell them about the story of Moses the Egyptian, who was sold into slavery by the people of Israel. They were treated very badly and God saved him. He became the person who led all of the people of Israel out of Egypt. These people were very courageous and they believed in God. You should instill in their minds that every man and woman who are right are saved by God and they should follow his ways.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – His Role in Islam

The Holy prophet had a beautiful voice that reached to the hearts of the people and he spoke only good news. He never cursed, prayed or made fun of anybody. Muslims believe that he never cheated anybody and he only spoke positive things. This voice and these ways have created a big impact on the Muslim people.


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